About Link Level Consulting

Link Level Consulting was founded in 2003 to provide strategic and engineering services to the Internet Service industry. We have advised Internet Exchange operators on strategy for expanding markets and facilitating peering, network operators on interconnection strategy, and provided network architecture services for hosting providers, global content delivery networks, and anycast DNS providers. Our current projects include network architecture for a series of small CDNs, and project management for a metro fiber network.

Steve Gibbard, Principal Consultant

Steve Gibbard has held network architecture, engineering, planning, and management roles at network operators including Packet Clearing House, Tata Communications, and Twitter. He has designed and built DNS and content delivery networks on all six populated continents, and is particularly focused on improving network performance by getting content close to end users. As a former board member of NANOG - the North American Network Operators Group, Steve was heavily involved in spinning NANOG off as an independent organization. He founded Link Level Consulting in 2003.